Forget about it!!!

It’s Prince Spaghetti day here in Boston! Over the years I have grown to love Italian culture….and of course the amazing food. Irish and Italians have forged a unique relationship over the generations here in Boston. We certainly poke fun at each other from time to time but we have more often than not worked side by side building this incredible city. It’s very common to find folks from this area that are from Irish and Italian decent as well. Hey…forget about it!! šŸ™‚


There’s many Italian families from Boston who have also made the ultimate sacrifice Ā inĀ defenseĀ of our country as well. Enter SSGT. Anthony Buccini….shot down in action over France during WW2. His brother Al Buccini later moved from the North End and raised a family in Dorchester. He later named one of his sons Anthony who I became friends with.

The North End Historical Society recently started work on a documentary calledĀ Boston’s North End: America’s Italian Neighborhood.Ā The documentary is being created from stories of the Italian-American community that has called the North End home for over 100 years.


If you have old photos, home movies or newspaper clips, the filmmakers would love to see them. Most of all, the creators would appreciate your monetary donations toward this project of preserving the legacy of the North End. Contact or go to to contribute online.


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  • I am the oldest son of Al Buccini My name is Anthony Buccini named after my fatherā€™s brother was killed while serving his country his name was Anthony G Buccini Where they named the street after him in the north then mayor Menino what is there to honor that day

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