The Third Industrial Revolution: A Radical New Sharing Economy

Doesn’t matter which side of the isle you sit on or where the roots of your belief system lie, Jeremy Rifkin does an impressive job conceptualizing both historical and current data trends  while laying out a vision for our next few generations. If for nothing 

Globe Spotlight Censors Race Discussion…

Over the years some of you have probably gathered that my politics lean left. This set of ideals in no way defines the person I am. To me, the politics of the left make just seem to make more sense but, I’m not oblivious to 

Five Bostons – Irish East

What’s up knuckleheads? Long time no blogging, huh? Life is good, just living the dream. So I was trolling old footage of the neighborhoods and ran into this old piece called Five Bostons from 1983 done by Chris Lydon. Great perspective as we watch the 

When the gloves come off…

When the gloves come off…

For the most part I feel like all quarrels can be resolved with a couple of cool heads, mutual respect and an honest dialogue. Today, I really can’t find that within myself after reading about the priest being attacked by ISIS. I keep rewinding back 

Save the Mattapan Line…

So a few weeks back our friend Bill Forry over at the Dorchester Reporter put out this great piece about the folks who maintain the Ashmont/Mattapan trolley line. With all the anti MBTA sentiment that’s being tossed about it was a welcomed perspective. Of course I, like a lot of 

For Paris…

One can only imagine that this feeling I’m experiencing must be in some small way what my ancestors felt 70 plus years ago. Legions of Americans huddled around radios trying to conceive why Hitler would march into Paris. The systematic destruction of religion and democracy 

Hands Free?

What’s up people! It’s been a few for sure – just been praying to Ninkasi drinking massive amounts of cerveza and trying to enjoy this summer as much as possible before that asshole named winter shows up again. Sorry, just not in the mood for the 

I’ve got bosses…

It’s not often that credit is given to our politicians for a job well done. Beating them up is almost a sport in this country. It is after all an appealing and validating opportunity for a common man to voice his opinion and be the 

What a Mayor!

What a Mayor!

Is it Marty running for president in 2020? In case you didn’t notice Marty Walsh just absolutely crushed the State of the City address….   This is why we needed a Dot Rat running things! Now if you will all excuse me, I need to