Globe Spotlight Censors Race Discussion…

Over the years some of you have probably gathered that my politics lean left. This set of ideals in no way defines the person I am. To me, the politics of the left make just seem to make more sense but, I’m not oblivious to all that is wrong with the Democratic party, namely it’s propensity to be overly sensitive pussies when tackling tough social issues.

Enter the Boston Globe’s Spotlight team who, a few days back, started to release a series of articles to shed light on racism in Boston.

As part of this Spotlight series, the team at the Globe decides to set up a Facebook group for folks to join and actively discuss racism in Boston. Quite honestly, I’m jealous I didn’t come up with the idea.

This group could be something that could be quite valuable and as a Dorchester kid, I can bring some perspective to the table based on my own experiences…….right? So I try and start a discussion….and it went like this.

Knowing that the Globe is bursting at the seams with young liberal transplants trying to make their mark I decide to screenshot what I wrote because I had this strange feeling someone over there would try and censor it…..and that’s exactly what they did.

I have lived my life among black folks. Not once did I ever get the impression that I needed to give any of them the kid-glove treatment. As a matter of fact I wouldn’t want them to be insulted by such treatment….ethnicity aside it tends to make any conversation f*cking awkward.

What do you think? Should I be pissed that I’m being censored by a celebrated Boston publication operating under the guise of the first amendment? Would my statements really “derail the convo” or is Mr. Woodward doing the group a disservice by insulating a racism discussion group from an actual discussion about racism? Keep in mind this group is 4 days old…

Why doesn’t my experience stand for something? Why can’t a lesson be learned from it?

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