Please welcome Babe Mannion’s…

Well, Adam’s Corner is about to get it’s very own Irish Shoppe. Babe Mannion’s is set to open this week….

The same gal that supplies yours truly with the best scally caps on the planet, Bridgett Nee Walsh, owner of Southie’s Own on Broadway will be setting up camp in Dorchester. Named after her grandmother Bridget from Galway, who was the babe (baby) of her family, the store will be offering Irish imports, jewelry and neighborhood themed goods. I’m sure it’s going to be a welcomed addition to this still very strong Irish enclave of Boston.

Bridgett is putting the finishing touches on the store but will be open for business this week. Please stop by 786 Adams Street and see my pal, she will probably have a perfect gift for your Christmas list!

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