The Black Ghost…

Like most Americans, I can recall my first car like it was yesterday. My 1965 Chevy Caprice was immaculate and I knew every corner of it. Her name was Millie, named after my aunt Mildred who left the car to my dad when she passed then he in turn passed it to me when I got my license. She was my pride and joy and I loved piling all my friends inside and creeping low speed around Dorchester till past midnight. Allegedly….she could fit multiple kegs in the trunk although I cannot confirm or deny that.

I’m more of a luxury car type of guy and this car set that standard. Driving this car was like putting a set of wheels on Ma’s sofa and gliding down the street. My need for adrenaline is usually reserved for the two wheeled variety.

We all have these stories because American’s by default have a love affair with the automobile. But, few are quite as cool this one out of Detroit. My guess is this car’s value is somewhere north of $2,000,000 dollars by now.

This is the story of Godfrey Qualls and his legendary Black Ghost….enjoy!

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