Dorchester…the way it was…and the way it could be.

We read a lot about our neighborhood on a day-to-day basis with most of it being negative. I’m not going to blame anyone for what happens here….I’m a true believer that money (or lack there of) is the root of crime in any neighborhood. With poverty comes problems…the Irish went through their bad times, the Italians…ect. Bin Laden would have never had followers if Afghan’s had a solid economic engine.

I enjoy good stories…..especially those intertwined with our history. I ran across Sidewalk Memories a few years back. These folks put together a documentary about the Jewish experience in Dorchester, Mattapan and Roxbury. My father (an Irishman) absolutely raved about the preview because he saw tons of his old haunts flash across the screen….and was able to spot some familiar faces. His face lit up as he proclaimed, “We where poor but it was the best of times…our neighborhood was incredible.”  

Sidewalk Memories gives you an idea of what life was like in Dot back in the day. There was a general sense of pride in the neighborhood. When you look at the photos and see the videos….although you step back in time, you get a sense of the full potential of the neighborhoods. Could you imagine what a 3 bedroom apartment in Grove Hall would be worth today if it looked like Brookline? We are talking about some of the most prime real estate in Boston. Oh the money that I would make at my burger joint on Blue Hill ave. The Starbucks in 4 corners would have a line around the block every morning.

I think we all need a reminder from time to time about how special this place really is.




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