Where ya taking Ma?

Where ya taking Ma?

Wow…feels good to be back writing again. Trying to find inspiration to write can be tough at times but, I figured why not combine two things I love…Ma and food. Personally I enjoy cooking for Ma since she is the one who actually taught me. The gal from Grove Hall really enjoys the simple recipes that she learned from my grandmother who had the monumental task of feeding 13 kids from her 3 bedroom apartment overlooking the corner of Geneva and Blue Hill Ave. Pot roasts, smoked shoulders, boiled dinners, even simple roasted chicken are at the top of her list and usually put a big smile on her face. Can’t really tell if she actually enjoys my cooking or the mere fact she doesn’t have to cook herself but, throw a couple of scratchies and a meal at her and it seems to make her one happy camper. She’s a tough old Dot Rat and likes things simple….and that’s what I love about her.

Now, I like keeping it old school and I enjoy getting family and friends together at the house for a meal but, time is a commodity these days for families everywhere. Many of us will end up opting for a restaurant. Well your old pal Dot Rat would like to make some recommendations. These are in no particular order and in no way reflect any preference. Simply put, if these folks didn’t serve meals made with some love….I would never recommend them.

Savin Bar and Kitchen – The place serves up killer sandwiches – The egg roll of the day is usually incredible – The meals are consistently fresh – Solid drinks and down to earth staff make it Dot Rat friendly – Check out this fish sandwich I had there recently


Maria’s Restaurant  – This place has roots on Leroy and Park Street in Dorchester going back to the 1930’s. You have to visit the website and read the history of this family! Maria’s makes solid Italian staples and became a go to spot for many families given it’s proximity to the Quincy shipyard during it’s heyday. The place is no frills – they offer good portions for the price and really fresh seafood dishes. Ma will love it!


Abigails – I personally know this young family from Ireland but never had a chance to try the food they are so passionate about until recently. Lets put it this way, six of us sat down for a meal…all six plates were empty when we finished. Aside from the killer drink menu and creative apps, the Maine Family Farm Pork Chop is in the top three I have ever had in my life….look at this bad Larry!


Alba Deli – Are you opting for breakfast? I know the majority of you like to roll into McKenna’s in your finest yoga pants and sweats for a hangover remedy. McKenna’s is legit but, if you don’t like the long lines, Alba Deli has one of the best breakfasts in the game kid! My mother loves this place….check out this corned beef hash omelette.


Well…it’s time to go scream at the TV while the Bruins play the Habs. I hope all the Moms out there have a good day with their families – I wouldn’t be the man I am today without such a wonderful mother.

On a more serious note, I ask everyone to not forget how hard it can be for those less fortunate. There are so many wonderful women holding their families together in the face of adversity….many will even go hungry to provide for their children tomorrow. We as Dot Rats should never forget where we come from. Our families didn’t always have it easy and some still don’t….but we always watch out for each other.

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, I ask all of you to try and make a donation to support the Saint Mary’s Center. This is an incredible organization that plays a crucial role in the lives of so many young families. Cheers!


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