We’ve got a nodder…

Ahh yes….the nod….the sign someone is absolutely wrecked on some sort of opiate (Percs, Heroin, Oxy). I saw these 2 Sheriffs (of Noddingham) last night coming out of a store. Windows down in the rain….radio pounding….one girl with a lit cigarette almost burning her fingers. I snapped them out of it after taking the pic…I didn’t want the chick to get burnt. If I saw a child in the back seat…I would have called the fuzz.

There was a time when this abuse reached epic proportions around our neighborhoods. It seems to have tailed off a bit, but it will always be a problem as long as the drugs exist and there’s money to be made. I see people like this from time to time and I get either overwhelmed with empathy or I get extremely angry. I come from a family that has taken a loss because of this….and the only advice I can give to others is to be there when your loved one asks for help. You don’t want to be an enabler but if you recognize that someone is genuinely reaching out and wants to get better…..exhaust all your options. It’s a painful process but the alternative is 10 times as painful.

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