Vote for Marty Walsh tomorrow!

The plan was to go at length for the many reasons why you should be voting for Marty Walsh tomorrow. Instead, I will defer to the incredible piece written by fellow Dot Rat Joyce Linehan called “Why Marty?” that you can see on her blog @

What I will do is ask my 4 million readers a few questions.

  • Do you care about the overall direction of your city?
  • Do you want a mayor that serves ALL Bostonians instead of prioritizing for a chosen few?
  • Do you want Boston to start building things again?
  • Are you looking for more common sense at city hall?
  • Do you want a mayor who understands that jobs are and will continue to be at the core of any successful social program?
  • Do you want someone who has the stones to stick up for people when they need it?
  • Is it important for your children to have a choice in a solid public education….CLOSE TO HOME?
  • Do you want someone who understands the streets to serve as this city’s top cop?
  • Do you want a mayor that knows how to work with unions instead of costing taxpayers more money through attrition?
  • Are you tired of candidates using technology and innovation as THE ONLY key to Boston’s economic future?


  • Are you ready to show the world what a poor kid from Dorchester can do for the greatest city on the planet?



If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should read up on Marty Walsh here :


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