Yup, I’m alive. How have all you knuckleheads been? I’m sitting here watching Dolomite on Netflix pondering why Eddie Murphy has been away for so long and then said to myself “ya got alotta balls taking Eddie’s inventory for a guy that hasn’t written anything in a couple of years”. Truth is I haven’t been all that inspired. I wonder why….

Sure, the proliferation of the offended ones has played a part. It’s better to write without giving a shit. To pin it solely on this passing fad would be short sighted though, I need to start small and get back in my groove. Ok…. ice broken…..time to get back to this flic.

Oh yeah before I jet, has anyone made a move to preserve the China Sky sign? Is it potentially getting restored? A guy on Facebook said something that struck me the other day when he called it “Dorchester’s Citgo sign”.

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