Stem Cell Burgers?

I consider myself a progressive guy, and during any stem cell debate you can find me usually siding with scientists. My thought process is simple, if we have the technology to help a young child or an adult overcome some terrible disease….why not use it…who am I to impose any of my religious beliefs on anyone trying to lead a healthy life. There’s a part of me that reasons we are playing god but, we are also evolving as a species.

Anyway, one thing I never considered was that my stance on stem cell research would someday make it into a Wendy’s or a Wahlburgers.

“Ya, I will take big stem burger, hold the genetically modified tomatoes and give me side of fried onion spud hybrids.”

WTF? I understand most of the food on any super market shelves is polluted garbage anyway but this is a little over the top. I guess one of the guys behind it is a Google founder which is just weird….but he’s got the cake to make it happen. Maybe one day he wants you to Google “cheeseburger” and your screen will shoot one down your neck….who knows.

All I really wanted was to maybe help someone walk again or to keep them from dying too young. The problem with that is we are getting overpopulated and someday we might need a meat tree growing in the house to get our burger on. I never seem to get it right and it’s all becoming way too Jetsons for me. I bet Whole Foods and ARod are loving this sh*t though…..

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