It’s Irishman day!

These days we are absolutely saturated with media. Every time I reach into my forkin pocket to answer a call or text I find myself cutting through three or four pitches to watch this or listen to that. First world problems for sure but, it’s rare for me to get excited for a movie the way I once did from all this sensory overload. Don’t even get me started on how advertisers have crashed the keg party that was once commercial free internet video. That was until about a year back, when I first caught wind of The Irishman.

Don’t front, you know you have a half a chub. Why wouldn’t you? Frank Sheeran, Jimmy Hoffa and Russ Bufalino being portrayed by the most epic cast ever assembled, directed by one of the greatest directors in history?

Here’s todays plan for this one:

  • I’m taking my god damn pants off ….
  • I’m putting on the most ridiculous turkey hat I can find…
  • The phone will be shut off for 3 and half hours…
  • A small cooler full of drinks and a sandwich will set up next to my couch….I’m not moving.

Now that I have painted that picture in your head, I hope you get to unplug for a while this week, preferably with friends or family. Try not to think about work, money or appointments for a while and be thankful for all the little things we often overlook. Like having the freedom to sit on the couch with no pants watching movies 😁.

God bless America!

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