For the fitness minded…

Sure, I do food reviews but the majority of my time isn’t spent eating like an aristocrat.

Actually, I have been trying my best to hit the gym and eat healthy over the past 6 months. The gym routine has been awesome, I feel a million times better and hell of a lot stronger. Your old pal is a reformed smoker and after I quit, like many others, I packed on a few pounds. Now, couple this factor with my age and the fact that I’ve always had the metabolism of an oak tree and you can imagine the weight doesn’t come off like it used to.

I’ve been able to shed a few pounds but felt I needed a new approach so I began looking for alternatives in my diet to help ignite my metabolism. Many of you know I like to cook so taste is important and I’m not a fan of fad diets that aren’t realistic or sustainable. The plan is to eat cleaner and fortunately for me I struck up this conversation with Chris Ryan, a fellow Dot Rat that hits the same gym. He works with the company that sells the meal replacement everyone is talking about – Shakeology – so he brought in some for me to try out….


I went with the Vanilla out of the gate and used a couple of frozen strawberries and a hand full of frozen blueberries to chill it down.  Chris didn’t disappoint – it actually tastes really good and kept me full for a good 4 hours. The reviews on Shakeology are excellent so I plan on rolling with it.

If you are looking into changing up your diet or you have any questions you should drop Chris an email at or check out his website at the link below. He works with a bunch of different products and would love to help you too!



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