Month: January 2016

For Mark…

Simply put, Mark DeLuca is one of us, he’s a Dot Rat, and my buddy Sean Gaudet couldn’t have said it much better.

Help a Ginger out!

All of us have friends right? Of those friends you may have a small percentage of Ginger friends. You know – those fair skin folks with the fiery red hair and the freckles that resemble the stars that lead you back to Ireland. Well I just 

The age of Aquarius…

Once upon a time there existed a nightclub across the mighty Neponset river in Quincy Massachusetts. That club was called Aquarius and it was the stuff of legend. It resided inside this little hotel/motel where my parents actually spent their honeymoon (back then blue collar folks actually had honeymoons like blue collar folks). You may all know this place as it’s latest incarnation, the Adams Inn. Lets have a look back in time shall we….

Video courtesy of Pat McDonough

I know…..dudes didn’t have sideburns back then. Maybe all the sideburns formed gangs and morphed into the giant bangs you see on the heads of all the ladies. There’s a good reason we have a hole in the ozone layer….and the blame lies squarely on Aquanet in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  That’s just the way people rolled back then.

Notice the full participation of everyone in the club? It didn’t matter if you were a ginger from St Marks with one dance move….you brought that sh*t and if you played your cards right you just might walk out with one of those Aquarius dancers.

Video Courtesy of Pat McDonough

Let’s face it, a good chunk of  twenty and thirty something kids running around Dot, Southie and The Q probably owe their existence to Aquarius. Cathay Pacific seems to have filled the role of Aquarius for these same kids….time will tell though.

Unfortunately, like all fun and quirky things woven into the history of the neighborhood, Aquarius fell to the wrecking ball a while back…

You didn’t really think this ended on a buzz kill? – Tomorrow night at Florian Hall their will be an Aquarius reunion. It’s already sold out so it is half a buzz kill but, you may be able squeeze some tickets from someone who cant go.

I am expecting this reunion to be a regular thing given how fast it sold out. It should be a blast….check out their website here :


Why Saturday January 9th is the Most Important Date of the Pat’s Season

This weekend is Wildcard Weekend and the first set of playoff games this season. The Patriots ended up with the number 2 seed, and although that potentially forfeits home field for the AFC Championship game, it remains the best case scenario for the Patriots. The