Month: January 2015

What a Mayor!

What a Mayor!

Is it Marty running for president in 2020? In case you didn’t notice Marty Walsh just absolutely crushed the State of the City address….   This is why we needed a Dot Rat running things! Now if you will all excuse me, I need to 

The Sugar Bowl knows coffee…

The Sugar Bowl knows coffee…

Your boy is a coffee nut as most of you folks may know from some of my previous rants. The best way to tell that you’re drinking good coffee is to try an establishment’s house blend. You know….that “go to” regular java with no frills, 



So yeah ummm…Merry New Year – Happy Kwanzaa – Salutations – grá agat – 多切斯特岩石

Don’t pretend like you didn’t miss me – And yes, I know I haven’t written as much as I used to. To be quite honest, this writing shit can be tough. Sure, I could regurgitate bad news like the 40 million other websites out there but there’s really nothing original about it. should be good for your cardiovascular health and not add to your stress level.

How about some news about me instead?

So… I’m pretty excited about 2015. To start off my year I get to watch the Patriots play this former cast member of the Goonies on Saturday….



I know right, such a handsome devil. Yeah, yeah – everyone knows Terrell Suggs is a gifted athlete but why isn’t anyone addressing why he has the gums of a great white shark?

These are the important questions…and since Suggs has made it a point to be a complete dick every time we face him….I figured why not be a maverick here.

In other news about me – apparently I was blowing up Facebook’s shit something fierce….either that or some little bitch complained. My profile was forced to turn into a page…which is fine by me…but still an adjustment.

You see – little Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t like when you screw with his algorithms – his system is designed to take as much of your personal information as possible because at the end of the day, that data makes him money. Me on the other hand, I make every attempt possible to keep my data just that….mine.

Lets see…..what else? Oh yeah – got a tooth pulled for the first time on New Years eve. That was an experience but nothing a dozen beers couldn’t solve. Big shout out to Kate Sweeney over at East Milton Dental – she’s the most legit dentist I have ever been to. She made sure that this Dot Rat didn’t miss any festivities!

Dude – WTF is up with these New Era hats?

A two dollar hat out of the factory in China – retail you would figure 25 bucks right?

Try anywhere from 100 to 150 bucks right now online – if you find any floating around cheap, snatch them up. You may make yourself a mortgage payment.

Alright as you were….