The Evolino’s discovery…

The Evolino’s discovery…

Go figure….after putting in a decent workout at TMX Boxing I drive a block and decide it’s time to eat…..the struggle is real my friends. This time I pick a little food joint tucked away in an old school storefront just a stones throw from where our second president was born.  My post workout hunger turned out to be a blessing in disguise because this place would quickly become one of my favorites.



After being greeted by the owner John, I let him know “I have heard good things about you bud” followed by “Whats flying off your shelf?” he replies “The meatballs, I can’t make them fast enough.” At this point I’m glancing over the big chalkboard and quickly realize that Evolino’s Hand Pies in Quincy has an entire menu of scratch made food priced under ten bucks. You immediately sense a blue collar ethic and an honesty that for some reason I knew would come out in the food…. I was spot on.

Photo by Matt West

Your man went into Action Bronson mode and ordered the original, spinach and feta, pastrami and of course the meatball. While waiting on my order I struck up some convo with John and asked how business was. “Well, I have been here a year and not many small businesses can say that” said John. After I got my order back to the house and started digging in, it became clear why Evolino’s has made it this far….

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The original reminded me of the flavor you would find in a Lebanese stuffed grape leaf – awesome! The pastrami and swiss was rock solid while the spinach and feta proved to be incredible as well. That meatball and provolone though… listen! As it turns out, the meatball was originally frozen when John started with them on the menu…then he started talking with customers and gaining feedback. The consensus was he should start making them fresh, so he rolled up his sleeves and went to work figuring out what the Evolino’s meatball should be.

In short it is an all star – what an absolute treat! And I will go on record saying it’s one of the best I have had outside of the North End. It’s simple and just melts in your mouth!

Like I said earlier, you can taste the hard work this guy puts into his food and with such honest prices it’s a welcomed alternative to the franchise fast food joints out there in the same price point.

You gotta check this place out – you will not be disappointed!

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