When the gloves come off…

For the most part I feel like all quarrels can be resolved with a couple of cool heads, mutual respect and an honest dialogue.

Today, I really can’t find that within myself after reading about the priest being attacked by ISIS.

I keep rewinding back in my head to our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan where our troops made every effort to keep the battle away from Mosques out of respect for a religion that has consistently spit in our face.

Your old pal isn’t even that much of a spiritual guy but, I can’t help but feel like even through all we have endured at the hands of terrorists as a planet, never mind a nation, that a line has truly been crossed. Our enemy is waging small scale total war

It wont be long before the entire middle east wears a target on it’s chest if all it’s nations don’t examine the notion of progressing Islam as a whole while reigning in the extremist factions causing problems.


If the US unifies with someone like Russia against ISIS and the gloves come off – you may as well knock the mosques down right now and build Hess stations because none of them stand a chance.


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