Hats off to LB…

Hats off to LB…

Well, I’m not exactly a Lebron fan but, I do remember what it was like to live in a city with a title drought. After witnessing all of our sports teams get crushed on the regular I can honestly tell all you youngins that it’s more frustrating than Fetty Wap at an eye exam.

All of that seems like a distant memory thanks to Tom Brady helping rekindle some pride in Boston sports. Something we needed desperately following September 11th….

If there’s any city that could use the same shot in the arm it’s Cleveland. As if being positioned in the middle of the rust belt wasn’t enough the poor pr*cks just had to endure another kick in the balls with probably the most depressing 30 for 30 in history.

So I just gotta give it to the guy – hats off to LB for bringing one home to these fans waiting outside his house to say thanks – this must have been pretty special.


Photos and Videos by Cleveland.com

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