Food and Booze Reviews…

Food and Booze Reviews…

So today I’m like “Holy shit, I haven’t written a damn thing in a while son!”. It’s not like I don’t have some great stories to share, I’m just a busy cat….don’t worry…I still love you bitches!

This time around I’m going write about two things I love….food and booze. I’m going to grade some area establishments…who knows I may even compare one to another because I like free balling it occasionally and why not write accordingly. These places are in no particular order….


BRED Gourmet burgers in Lower Mills is hands down one of my favorite burgers out there right now. With all their spins on burgers you can’t go wrong. The Parmesan truffle fries are off the chains and they give you a pile. You’ll most likely will end up with leftover fries but, here’s a tip….take the fries home and use them for home fries the next morning with your eggs. Trust me…you’ll eat it and make the Arnold face it’s so good.



The only thing hampering these guys is the size of the restaurant – seems like they have outgrown it.  Grade B+



Dorset Hall in Neponset – Everyone was talking about this place like Jesus was playing hoop over at Garvey so decided to stop by…. lets break it down.  Great decor – it’s like Eire Pub version 2.0 only way more pretentious….but cool none the less. The drinks – a little light according to my man who likes his jack and cokes. The staff is friendly and my waitress actually returned my cell phone to me after I left it in my booth. The food….ummmm ….. Jimmy, queue the Price is Right sound…


Absolutely no love in the food dude….WTF….I was beside myself. I can only compare it to being single in your 20’s and you find this hot girl you’re trying to get on your team. She’s got all the right curves, dresses nice, has a good personality and there’s tons of people that want to get in. You finally get her home only to find out she’s a flat tire…

I’m not going to beat them up much more than that and I will be coming back for another try at the food. My advice to them is simple – if you want to be single then just being hot is OK….I get it…it’s profitable.  One day you may not be so hot though, you may want a diamond and a nice family….ya better learn how to cook a few meals and take care of them…

Grade C-


Iron Furnace in Quincy Center – This place turned out to be a nice surprise. The space has been reconfigured a bit since it’s earlier incarnation and it feels like a typical comfy neighborhood spot. They have a DJ spinning music on the weekends complimented with a good looking crowd of 20 and 30 somethings dancing around the room. The staff is as equally good looking with personality to match. The bartenders serve drinks that are honest and done right.  Each visit, the food has been rock solid and fresh with good portion sizes at a price that wont kill you. Their Iron Furnace Burger, Guinness Braised Short Ribs and the Pizza are all worth the trip.  Grade B+



Back Bay Harry’s in Boston – It was restaurant week and my good friend wanted to buy dinner and shoot the breeze. Who am I to turn it down? We drove around before finally deciding on Harry’s. Been here for a few beers on Marathon Monday 2015 but didn’t try the food that day….that was a mistake. Like most of us, I’m a fan of comfort food and if you can turn out these staples at a high level…your boy will be spending a lot of time at your restaurant. Chef Jason Santos was in the kitchen that night and absolutely nailed every dish that hit my table. I started with Kobe Beef Tacos – ridiculous! Then came his signature boneless buttermilk fried chicken with greens, parsnip, homemade bbq glaze and whatever else…..excuse me….I’m having a moment….

That’s right…..the best fried chicken I have ever had….it literally had soul….incredible. So then out comes the knockout punch. Scratch made banana bread served griddled with scratch made whipped cream and a caramel drizzle….


Let’s put it this way, I came out of Back Bay Harry’s to a $120 parking ticket because someone at the sign department thinks it’s funny to space the no parking signs out by 4 miles (whoever you are GFY BTW) and I was so happy from the meal I didn’t lose my temper. Kind of a big deal my friends…

Grade A    (They may eventually get an A+ when I get the lowdown on the drinks)

I have a bunch more of these to post  – stay tuned!

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  • Dorset Hall is pretentious fer sure, but it really is just another Irish “pub” in disguise. Stick to the chicken fingers and a well-done burger. Part of the new Dorchester “scene”, where it’s cool to be seen while you piss away your money. Southie Part Deux.

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