In nine minutes…

In nine minutes…

On most days I get pissed off if my phone rings while I’m trying to tie my shoes. Your old pal has never been a multitasking type of guy. It’s always been my way to zero in on a problem and work on it till it’s fixed. I knew early on that I had better find a line of work that allowed me to be meticulous and fortunately that’s the case.

It’s these traits that helped me realize at young age that I would never be able to handle the stresses and complexities that public safety officers have to deal with on a daily basis.

For instance….

Do you think you could stabilize your own gunshot wound, catch the shooter, coordinate getting the downed officer an ambulance then carve a path through the city for a fast transport to level 1 trauma unit using both Boston and State Police while keeping two crime scenes in order?

Oh yeah, you have roughly nine minutes to get it done while keeping your composure…..

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