Help a Ginger out!

Help a Ginger out!

All of us have friends right? Of those friends you may have a small percentage of Ginger friends.

You know – those fair skin folks with the fiery red hair and the freckles that resemble the stars that lead you back to Ireland. Well I just so happen to have quite a few, and one in particular doing amazing things. She is running the Boston Marathon for her second time and this year my old pal Kristen Walsh will be trying to raise money for the BIDMC Cancer Center.

Much like her efforts raising money for the Gavin Foundation had touched so many dealing with addiction in one form or another. This year is as equally important as the last….

Every single person I know has either dealt with a loved one who’s battled cancer or battled it themselves. My own mother is a survivor….and I’m grateful that there was a team of doctors and nurses that gave my family all this extra time with her.

Being a nurse BIDMC Kristen is very much on the front line and she knows exactly how important those research dollars are.

She runs for quite a number of us, including those who have passed. I’m extremely proud of her and I know my readers always show up to support a good cause….go get em Kristen!

Check out her Crowdrise page here:


Donate to my marathon fundraiser today and I'll make you cookies on this Thankful Thursday! #ilookbadinhats

Posted by Kristin Hoffman Walsh on Thursday, January 14, 2016

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