The Final Word on Daily Fantasy…

The Final Word on Daily Fantasy…

Hey I’m guilty, I love Draft Kings. It’s fun to bet on….err ummm….play fantasy sports online. I’m not exactly a sports geek that’s been living fantasy sports for years. Life is busy, and while I love an excuse to hang out with the boys, being f*cking awesome is a full time gig….not really…I have to schlep a full time job like everyone else. Sooooo, the online version of this world appeals to me along with millions of others.

After being bombarded by 24 hour cycles of ads across the internet, radio and television then walking into the Deutsche Bank Championship only to find a Draft Kings VIP tent where you could quickly sign up for a free account…they got me.


Honestly I just couldn’t help it and caved, it was as if they finally succeeded in hitting me in the neck with the tranquilizer dart.


Antics aside – I used Draft Kings to play on mostly NHL games and a few NFL games. After depositing 25 bucks and playing for a few weeks I ended up making 50 bucks (side note: I would like to thank Jimmy Hayes for scoring his first goal the night I picked him). Anyways, it’s a fun distraction and hopefully has a long term place with a level playing field for every user. Sure, there’s quite a number things that need to be ironed out, up to and including their stance on whether or not it’s gambling. Let’s call a spade a spade here, while it’s a distraction for me, daily fantasy could be a potential problem for those with gambling problems. Yes, daily fantasy is f*cking gambling, and those advertising dollars are probably better spent bribing I mean lobbying politicians so that it gets fair regulation. Why ruin the cash cow it is by taking stock in a legality that will eventually be changed? Don’t be UBER dude!

Take a few minutes and watch John Oliver break the whole thing down in brilliant fashion.


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