Bad Tat – Saturday Evening Edition

Bad Tat – Saturday Evening Edition

Well it’s that time again and tonight I think we will put this to a vote – have a look at this huska.

Yes….he really paid money to have keep it real put on his chest. Not sure where he’s from but I have to assume Hyde Park or some shit. Looks like the type of dude that kisses the mirror in the morning before heading off to work at the nunchuck factory. He probably should have went for the Humpty/2pac hybrid keeping it real version though….

Specimen number two is Billy Joe….

Not sure why Billy Joe only lived 19 years, but one has to assume his after his role as Peter Griffin’s chin double was eliminated…it was all downhill.

Ahh yes….last but not least is this stunner of our beloved Michael Jackson….

This likeness of Mike captured during his guest appearance on Beavis and Butthead really brings back memories. And yes…he did touch MANY.

Time to put it to the people!

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