Why the country?

Why the country?

So Country Fest is around the corner again and I’m still trying to figure out where all these country fans came from. I’m a Zac Brown fan myself…and it’s because those guys are pure musicians in my book. Ok, I dig some Johnny Cash too….let’s face it…the dude was a bad ass. The rest….well…I think my favorite bartender up at the Blarney Stone put it best when he leaned over and whispered in his brogue “I would rather shoot myself in my big forking toe than listen to country….it’s just forking depressing man”

During my youth I really can’t remember anyone listening to country……EVER. It was Hip Hop, Punk, Grunge, R&B, Blues, Reggae…..anything but.

This is America of course….and “y’all” entitled to your tastes but, will someone please explain to me how this all happened?

I get the whole patriotic thing, Bostonians are extremely patriotic. Sure we like to drink too although, we are smart enough to know beer tastes way better in glass than some shitty red plastic cups. Do we really hunt dear that much? Last time I drove down Dot Ave I didn’t see one cowboy hat or cow for that matter….well I suppose thats open for interpretation.

I just don’t get it….starting a few years back I had reporters on the ground for this spectacle and there they were….Massholes trying to be cowboys. Is it really the music? In my mind people from these parts were more Zeppelin, Dropkicks, Run DMC, Beastie Boys, Cam Meekins, Aerosmith, Godsmack, The Cure or Dead Friends.

Where the f*ck did toothy son of a six shooter Luke Bryan come from?

Ok ladies….I get that this Play it Again song really gets your wheels turning and you probably like the fact this country bumpkin wears his jeans so tight his children are still purple…..but lets talk turkey.

This dude sounds like f*cking Kermit the Frog on a pop album. Dude’s nasally as shit! So much so, Randy Jackson would have probably booted his ass off of Idol.

Need more proof? Check this sh*t out….


Told Ya! And who is this Kenny Chesney cat? I started hearing his name thrown around and totally assumed with a name like Kenny Chesney he was probably the last white dude to move out of 4 corners or some shit.

Anyway….I know I have a ton of country fans that read this digital rag….if you got a better grasp of how this country phenomenon took place….leave a comment. And be careful this weekend at Country Fest all you Honkies……I mean Honky Tonkers.

Looks like some of the bands are already in the Foxboro area….IMAG0761[1]

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