Hands Free?

Hands Free?

What’s up people! It’s been a few for sure – just been praying to Ninkasi drinking massive amounts of cerveza and trying to enjoy this summer as much as possible before that asshole named winter shows up again. Sorry, just not in the mood for the 3 month adjustment period most people need to get accustomed to winter driving….you know the drill.

What’s up with this?

Doesn’t this seem like a slam dunk? I mean we are obviously the smartest state in New England and we are being lumped in with Rhode Island for Christ’s sake. We can’t let them beat us to the punch here….it’s a matter of common sense which I feel like we have in spades.

I certainly dont want a bunch of Rhode Islanders calling us dildos because we want to have the “liberty” of hitting a “pahked cop cah” so we can chew the fat on our phones….that would just be embarrassing.



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