H2 vs the world…

The world of the superbikes has been dumped on it’s head yet again. The reviews and specs surrounding the Kawasaki Ninja H2 are mind boggling. This is a supercharged missile that on paper, has an engine that can be tuned to 300 plus horsepower and can achieve speeds of 250MPH out of the box.

Here’s the track version eating a few exotics for breakfast…


Where else in the world can you spend 5 to 25k and get the performance of a million dollar exotic car. It’s a ton of bang for your buck if you enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush. I have always been a fan of the Yamaha R1 myself – I used to call mine the “Blue B*tch”, because she had attitude and if you didn’t pay attention to her she could launch you into dangerous situation but, Kawasaki may have me drinking their cool aid.

I still have to ask though – when is an American company going to take it personally and try bring the heat on the competitors like Hennessy did in the exotic car segment with it’s Venom GT?





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