Why I’m the only white guy on my Dorchester street…

Why I’m the only white guy on my Dorchester street…

This guy does a wonderful job breaking down the last 40+ years in Dorchester and what lies at the heart of a massive demographic change.

There are families that never left….and these families deserve a much better job from our policy makers when tackling the issue of gentrification. I know of some families have been in Boston for over 140 years, in that time they have endured two major social experiments in blockbusting and busing.  Improving the city is important but creating an environment where families, who are the fabric of Boston, are consistently priced out for the sake of lining the pockets of both the city and developers, especially those in other countries, should be avoided at all costs.

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  • Growing up in Dorchester, learned the Jewish families were selling in large numbers to black families. Thought it was because they were compassionate and could relate. My experience with Jewish people was always that they were generous and helped their neighbors. Didn’t realize they were being pressured unfairly by the banks and bureaucrats. Kind of shocking, but then I was too young to really know.

  • I just wanted to say thanks for posting the video. There are obviously a lot of complex dynamics here, and you can’t boil it all down to one single factor (like redlining or blockbusting). One author, Gerald Gamm, argues that the redlining simply accelerated a trend that was already happening. Anyway, I’m glad the talk is sparking some discussion!

  • Growing up in Codman Square in the 50’s and 60’s; I can personally attest to what you have said about block busting and scare tactics used by the banks at that time. It forced out the Jewish population as well as the white Catholic residents in the area, It was the bank policies and tactics that changed the neighborhoods to make a profit. Unfortunately it was succesfull and uprooted traditions and culture (without the mass murder) that took place in the progroms of eastern Europe.

  • Why are we the only working class people on our block is the real question. White, Black, Latino/a or any other ethnic background is not the point. The point is to enable all Boston families the ability to live and work in Boston.

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