The Sugar Bowl knows coffee…

The Sugar Bowl knows coffee…

Your boy is a coffee nut as most of you folks may know from some of my previous rants. The best way to tell that you’re drinking good coffee is to try an establishment’s house blend. You know….that “go to” regular java with no frills, melted candy bars, syrups or 9 pounds of whipped cream. God…I sound like an old man but, while cute girls in yoga pants are certainly appealing while waiting in line to any red blooded guy, it’s no substitute for quality.  We may smile while we are in the store but if the coffee sucks….well….you end up turning into Randy Savage when you leave…….don’t be Randy Savage.

And yes, you ladies out there deserve your own coffee spot with cute guys serving coffee. Sure I would offer my services but, if I decided to stuff all this love in some yoga pants the place would be bankrupt in a week. Although, if I used coffee from that little slice of heaven on Dot Ave people may put up with my yoga pants a lot longer….

That’s right, our winner for the Best Coffee in Dot award goes to the Sugar Bowl Cafe. With 382 votes cast – the Sugar Bowl managed to secure 167 votes.  There is a great group of smaller coffee shops around Dot these days and they all do a great job but, the Sugar Bowl seems to nail it with consistency, ambiance and price for the last 11 years.


The interior is a spacious well preserved time capsule containing all the incredible woodwork we grew up with in our houses all over Dot. It’s a great place to sit and read the paper, catch up with friends or just pretend like you’re working on something really important.

They serve great sandwiches, ice cream, pastries and everything is fresh! To put the cherry on the awesome sundae that is the Sugar Bowl Cafe – They get to sport the Stanley Cup of coffee houses….BLAM!

Congrats to the entire crew at the Sugar Bowl Cafe on a job well done – you are Dot’s King of Coffee!

Go check them out here –

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