Are you an All Star?

Are you the guy that can drink beers and American Honey all day then hit Hemey Park, put one over the fence and be up for church the next day? Maybe you’re the gal that can organize PTO meetings, work a shift, get the kids to hockey, food shop, workout, watch over homework assignments then squeeze in some social time with the girlfriends up at the Blarney….in the same day.  Maybe you crisscross the city all day long reaching out to Bostonians in an effort to make the city the best it can be…..because you have been elected mayor.

The people of Dorchester live life like All Stars…

So, I decided to make a shirt inspired by the original All Stars (you know who you are). Have it made by Boston’s only union screenprinter, then dedicate it to the hardest working, most resilient and fun loving people I know….Dot Rats.

Look for it soon at Beantown Athletics!


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