There’s been so much discussion about the CIA torture report over the past couple of days. While I understand that our president needs to be honest about his policies I can’t find an inch of remorse for those who dealt with the CIA methods. Sure, I believe in setting high standards as a country….but once your enemy goes below those standards the gloves need to come off. You have all these folks who never even set foot in a recruiter’s office telling soldiers and operators with more than a decade under their belt how to treat the enemy.  Did we all forget what this country military is actually capable of?

We never took the gloves off we merely loosened the laces….

You gotta wonder if it feels like torture to not call your family before being burned over 80% of your body then deciding the best option is to dive out of a 99th story window. I wonder what it feels like to get beheaded for providing food to starving kids in a war zone. Is it torture to recover dead children from the rubble of a building before dying your own slow death from lung disease obtained while working in that environment? Is it torture to lose any sense of independence while learning to walk again after losing your legs to an IED?

Liberty isn’t free people – and war is very ugly.

The innocent suffered immensely on our side as well….some of whom would have opted for the treatment the CIA dished out instead of what they had to endure.

While you were at home sipping wine watching some old sea hags from LA complain about their botox treatments on TV. Someone, somewhere suffered greatly to make sure you had that luxury.

In short —- get with your f*cking team!

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