Dot Rats on watch!

Dot Rats on watch!

Gotta take a moment to give a big shout out to three of Dorchester’s finest currently serving in the Marines.  Before I do, I would like to acknowledge some others folks. As we all know there’s nothing more honorable than serving your country. To wake up one morning and decide to protect all things American speaks volumes about one’s character. Aside from the drill instructors that prepare our young men and women to face the world, nobody is as directly involved in the building of Patriots as all you parents out there. We know it tugs at your heart to see your sons and daughters so far away but, the love and support you have provided has paid dividends. You gave our country a future, and you deserve our gratitude.

That being said – I’m kinda glad the enemy has to deal three Dot Rats with automatic weapons….I wouldn’t want to.

From left to right you have Dillon Emery, Jack O’Toole (*DRA) and Nolan Nee.


Email me at with some addresses I will send you soldiers out some Dot Rat shirts so you can represent on base!

Thank you for your service – Semper Fi!


 *Dot Rat All-Star



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