Savin Hill is all class…

Savin Hill is all class…

There’s an ebb and flow to life….

Often I find myself feeling gross after a half hour of local news and this morning was no exception. Let’s face it…bad news and misery sells and the big networks have built lucrative businesses because of it. But, it can be downright depressing to try and stay on top of what is going on locally and nationally.

Soooo – I try to make it a point to offset the bad news with some good news. More often than not, it’s the smaller news outlets providing the bulk of positive news stories throughout the country. So as I sit here on a cold Sunday morning, my ritual begins. A cup of coffee by my side, the brain starting to churn to life after a night of Bruins, lager and bloody marys…

Then I stumble upon this – Instantly my faith in humanity is restored.

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  • Heartwarming to see this challenger program. Great lessons for all of us on overcoming physical/mental/emotional challenges and how we all can be “buddies” to one another.

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