Best Coffee in Dot…

Best Coffee in Dot…

Ok, so this is long overdue. I tried to make this happen before and the polling system I used absolutely sucked.

Sooooo…I’m doing it again….and this time it’s for all the beans <—–Right! – Damn your boy is shahp!

What is your favorite local coffee spot? I don’t mean the large chains – I’m talking about the places where saying extra extra extra and asking for 4 styrofoam cups is frowned upon.

I’m talking smaller shops where they actually care about sending you out the door ready for work. The type of place where you have to get out of your car instead of burning 15 gallons of gas in a drive thru while tying up street traffic….

The winner will get a pretty legit certificate for the wall letting everyone know the establishment is Dot Rat approved, a month of ad space on the site and this kick ass Dot Rat mug.


If you don’t see your favorite shop listed – you can add them in the “other” selection.

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