The Dot Drone…

Well, I’m a big kid at heart and I do love technology. So…I need to get one of these drones in my life and I’m already looking into the Let’s Fly Wisely drone buyers guide so that I can buy the best one for my budget and requirement. Sure I’m too old for toys but, I will not be getting the Ducati I want any time soon so this sh*t will have to suffice.

Why a drone you ask?

1 – Got a hot neighbor? A drone pays dividends here …

2 – Halloween – Why not rig it to drop eggs? The laughs are potentially endless…

3 – Lazy? – If you have a cool liquor store like Morrissey Blvd Wines & Liquor you can send a drone down to pick you up some Dot Ale and a pack of butts.  And you never have to leave your porch.

4 – Surveillance  – Tossing back a few cold ones in the middle of a park is your god given right as a Dot Rat. With the influx of yups into Dot you can almost count on somebody calling up the fuzz and ruining your party….and cops do love beer. Send up a drone! Save your beer!

5 – Amazon – If they really start using drones for delivery you can rig yours to knock them out of the sky. Before you know it you will end up with a new iPad.

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