The Southie effect…

If any of you have driven around Southie lately one thing that really stands out besides the burb baby posers is the obscene amount of over development. The buildings seem to have been conceived by architects to appeal to its ultra douche residents who may rather live in the Hollywood Hills instead of being complementary to the history of South Boston. Let’s face it, builders build, it’s how they make money. The city issues permits and collects big fat checks to let those builders build. But, the last administration didn’t do a good job from a planning/engineering perspective to account for infrastructure….and preservation seems to be a void in some cases. Boston is only so big, and with so many trying to occupy a very small area you have a virtual powder keg when you consider shortfalls in areas like public safety and parking for this influx of yups.

Well, it was just a matter of time before eyes were set on your beloved streetcar suburb of Dorchester. I happen to think Dot was perfectly planned many years back and functions fine as is.

Proper respect and proactive policies should be in place to protect those who decided to stay in Boston even after the effects of busing. Many of the children of those who fled are making their way back and pricing out those who stuck it out. Progress is always welcome but, bolting when times got hard then showing up when things get rosey tends to create a smidge of resentment among Bostonians. Let’s be honest – it should not cost a family $2000 bucks a month plus utilities to rent an apartment in a Fields Corner triple decker. Not everyone works at Fidelity or has a trust fund. And leading a simpler life should never be looked down upon as long as it’s honest.

Dorchester Tire and 991 Morrissey Blvd are looking to test the water. How will Dot respond?  It’s worth having the conversation while being mindful of lessons learned from the Southie effect.


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