Next Stop – Neponset

Next Stop – Neponset

Well, according to local history buff Mike Lonardelli, there used to be two Old Colony Railroad train stations in the Neponset area.

One down by the Murphy School…

The other down in the Port opposite Rice Street…

Well it looks like there’s a growing amount of folks that want a station back. A petition to Mayor Marty Walsh is starting to gain traction to build an MBTA station in the Port and restore access to Neponset residents.

Here’s an excerpt from the petition:

“The JFK-North Quincy stretch on the Braintree branch of the Red Line is one of the longest distances between stations in the MBTA system.    Nevertheless, the Braintree line runs through a densely populated section of the city, and residents are forced to travel long distances to Ashmont Station or North Quincy for subway service. 

Adding a station at Neponset-Port Norfolk would benefit all residents of our city in several ways:

1)  A station would allow access to the parkland and greenways created by the clean-up of the Shaffer Paper Site. 
2)  Construction of a station creates an opportunity to address the dangers of pedestrian crossing on Neponset Avenue, as well as under the Southeast Expressway. 
3)  A subway station would build capacity as development expands from both JFK and Quincy into Dorchester.
4)  A subway station would allow for growth of transit-oriented development at the southern edge of the city

We petition you to open a discussion with Dorchester residents and the MBTA towards the creation of Neponset-Port Norfolk station.”

You can view the petition for yourself HERE


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