Pipers invade the Harp & Bard…

Pipers invade the Harp & Bard…

There is just something so friggin cool about bagpipers rolling into a pub like this. It’s one part testosterone one part nostalgic and another part “drink up because these guys are going to wipe out all the beer”. The swagger meter is just off the charts here folks. A little part of me that wants my own crew of these guys to play for me everywhere I go. Think about how bad ass it would be to have these guys roll into PS Gourmet for your 6:30 AM coffee, wailing away….they finish their song….and you’re like “I’ll have a PS Special”….boom you’re an instant celebrity (or an instant liability for blowing out all the cashier’s ear drums).

Anyway, I want to send a big shout out to Jim Leahy and the rest of the boys of the Greater Boston Firefighters Pipe and Drums for sharing their video of the Harp & Bard raid.

Make sure to join them for their 5th annual Southie Pub crawl on June 28th!


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