The Mac & Wahly show…

The Mac & Wahly show…

So I gotta send a big shout out to my good friend and birthday boy Tommy Mac for inviting me down to his shop a few days back. He was filming a show with another fellow Dot Rat and woodworking enthusiast, Paul Wahlberg. If you haven’t seen Tommy’s show on PBS yet, check out this episode.

Thomas J MacDonald – USS Constitution Inspired Flag Box

Watching how a show comes together was a first for me, it’s very interesting to witness how much goes into it. Tommy and Paul work good together and there’s no shortage sarcasm and jokes like one would expect from a couple of Dot Rats. Both are slated to appear on each other’s shows which should make for some good TV. I’m psyched for all the success these two are having, it couldn’t happen to two more humble and grounded guys.

Thanks for taking the time!

Oh yeah….Paul any time you want to do a cook off kid! Not sure if you could hang with my chicken broccoli and ziti….it’s pretty gangster!


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