For Tommy…

For Tommy…

Through the years there have been families from Dorchester that have garnered a reputation for their will to fight. Whether it’s for a friend or a just cause, we have no shortage of folks that will raise a pen, voice or fist for the greater good.

The Kelly family is one of those standout clans.

Through generations they have battled fires for the City of Boston to save lives. They have gone off to war to fight for their country against terrorists. And they have fought for a living wage for firefighters all over Massachusetts.

Today one of the youngest members of their clan will begin his own fight with the same tenacity that has become the hallmark of his family and Dot Rats everywhere.

Four year old Tommy Kelly will fight and beat cancer!

Tommy’s pals, neighbors and the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy, will be saying the rosary tonight for Tommy, in a vigil at St. Ann’s at 7pm (6/10/14). All are welcome.

A Facebook page has been set up for those wanting to send encouragement to Tommy and his family.





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