Dodge Ball Time!

I know….there’s something flat out sexy about watching someone eat a 70 mph fastball. You can keep telling yourself  “I just love to compete” or “I like to exercise”…. but lets face it…Dodge Ball without the headshot is like Hockey without the fighting. You need a few people to get cracked in the grillepiece to keep it interesting.

Of course, when a few Dot Rats get together for a Dodge Ball tourney you know it’s going to be interesting.

The time is fast approaching for the 2nd annual Dodge Ball tourney to support the  Leahy-Holloran Community Center. The event will be held March 8th and there’s currently 25 teams competing. You can still join in….here’s the current lineup.

1) Team Cavata
2)Team N. Murphy
3)Team Dodgefathers
4)Team Beers
5)Team Deeza
6)Team J. Flaherty
7)Team Omega Moo’s
8) Team C. Brooks
9)Team Blvd Boys
10)Team SST 
11)Team Average Joes
12)Team Crossfit 617
13)Team Joseph Trabucco
14)Team Eric Doyle
15)Team Scott Murphy(AKA Losers)
16)Team Bobby Traft
17)Team Marcus Egan
18)Team Jimmy Foley
19)Team Eddie Hood
20)Team Timmy Galvin
21)Team Joe Flynn
22)Team Galvin Colin
23)Team Henry Ennen
24)Team Robert Collins
25)Team Shawn Wilshire

Charles Conners is running the tourney and if you would like enter a team or lend support in any way you can contact him at

Should be a great time for a great cause…get in touch with Charles ASAP!!

Here’s a highlight from last years tourney….


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