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Fight Training from Dot Rat on Vimeo.

Cool video right?

There’s something about watching fight training that digs at your core and motivates you.

The boxing scene around Boston has been buzzing over the past couple of months starting with the premiere of The Fighters a couple of weeks back on the Discovery channel. This is something I was absolutely pumped about. You have Peter Welch as the primary figure, trying to preserve his beloved sport along with his fellow coaches Tim Stanton, Mark DeLuca, Joe Ricciardi and Joe Ennis. With the backing of Dana White and with boxing so ingrained not only in Boston’s history but our country’s as well, you would figure this would be a home run. But, even after a great first episode featuring Matt Phinney and Anthony McKenna the series was abruptly cancelled….which I have to admit pissed me off. I was stuck watching some guy build tree houses instead of watching people figure out how succeed in and out of the ring. Still doesn’t make any sense to me but El Prez of Barstool Sports probably summed it up best over Twitter last week.

I don’t agree that Dana White dropped the ball here….but I do think the blame fits squarely on the Discovery Networks for not pushing the series harder. At the end of the day it’s Discovery’s loss, the trainers have done incredible work with their respective communities over the years. The fighters and trainers deserve a chance to tell their stories and a network that will stand behind them. I hope they get another shot soon!

TMX Boxing is gearing up for a big couple of months as well. First off, they are expecting my presence at the gym sometime soon…I have delayed because I didn’t want to scare anyone at the gym with the Dot 4 piece I throw. Well, not really….I don’t want to hurl my cookies in the middle of the ring because I’m so out of shape. But I will be showing up….that’s a promise….maybe I will get Nacho to come with me.


Marty and Billy are scheduled to appear on the 4th episode of Wahlburgers which I’m sure they are absolutely psyched about.


Roughly one month later Marty & Bill will be dishing out an ass whipping as they step back into the ring on March 17th over at the House of Blues. They will be sharing the card with another crowd favorite Danny “Bhoy” O’Connor. Not only will you get to see some great fights but you can also catch the Dropkick Murphy’s on their biggest day of the year. Be sure to get your tickets HERE before they vanish.

Boxong poster

When you fight like a Dot Rat good things happen….and that’s exactly what Chris Perkins did this weekend when he became Southern New England Super Heavyweight Champion. Congrats Chris!





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