Boycott Coke?

Oh…you thought I meant the drug? By the time I finish writing this, the topic will have been mulled over 3 million more times over the internet. I try and stay away from topics that get beat down….but why is everyone offended with this?

Of course you have a giant portion of donkeys that say “how dare Coca Cola disgrace our national anthem by having it performed in a foreign language”. A statement so void of an atom of IQ that everyone who uttered it should question the validity their own existence.

In the mid 1800’s my ancestors stepped off a ship onto American soil. Their native language was Irish which was almost destroyed by the British before they even got here. Even with English as primary language their brogues were fuel for disdain among the blue bloods here in the states. They were a lower form of life, subhuman in fact, they didn’t deserve to be here and weren’t going to contribute a thing to this country. Even with a large portion of this nations immigrants learning our Bill of Rights, Constitution and national anthem before they even get here, it’s somehow ignored to this day and considered patriotic to take the same stance as the blue bloods so many years ago.

I wonder how our ancestors would feel about our behavior as a nation?

Watching foreign folks sing your nation’s most beloved songs should not enrage anyone. It’s the ultimate tip of the cap and such a wonderful sentiment,  we are after all a nation of foreigners…unless of course you’re Native American.

If you want to be Patriotic, stop beating up on people who may want to become American and start investing in your country by buying American.

As you were!


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