The Scally Cap…

So in keeping with the tradition of being completely random with my posts, I have decided to have a word regarding something very important to me…the Scally cap. Sure some of your are like “WTF Dot Rat…are these hats really that important?” to which I say GFY, of course they are! Aside from making me look like one of the sexiest chubby bloggers on the planet, wearing a Scally is a little tip of the cap (<—-Clever) to my ancestors. Those tough SOB’s that showed up years ago wearing this very type of hat…only they called it a flat cap.


Now, much like our nation’s flag isn’t truly authentic unless it’s made here in the USA, I feel the same about Scally caps. I only wear ones made in Ireland or the USA….just like my ancestors did. Sure, I could go into a dozen stores and buy one made in China…but it just wouldn’t feel right. Plus the ones made in Ireland and the USA last forever. My good friend Brian gave me my very first one back in 1994, it was made by Glen Eske of Ireland and I just recently retired it. I thought my friends were going to play the forkin taps I was so bummed out over it.

Over the years the Scally has become a staple in the wardrobe of Bostonians but I have found the good ones harder and harder to find. Southies Own on Broadway has been my go to spot for a couple of years now. Bridget Née Walsh owns the place and has spent a considerable amount of time studying in Ireland, she is extremely well versed in Irish goods. Bridget and her staff treat people right…go check them out at their Facebook page HERE.


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