Dot girls regulate…

Through the years I’ve witnessed girls from the neighborhood get into scuffles. As you can imagine, Dorchester girls are typically tough by default. These are blue collar gals that don’t have time for BS. Instead of wasting energy on drawn out sh*t talking that you would normally see on any of the 1500 reality shows out there….Dot girls will usually elect to punch you right in the snoot and call it a day. Now I do not condone assault and battery, especially when it comes to women. But you gotta respect them for their no nonsense approach to social interaction. If you happen to date or be married to a Dot girl, it has to be comforting to a certain degree that she could handle her business if needed. My own mother belted me a few times and I gotta say….there is nobody I respect more. It wasn’t even the fact that I probably had it coming but more so that this broad had this back hand punch thing going on that was just nasty. She had some serious technique, I mean Ma could put some mustard on it and make you see stars.

Apparently Dot girls are just taking their game to a whole new level…a level so bad ass that Mike Tyson himself would probably say “Wow that’s ludicristh” <— Not a typo – He really says it that way.

According to this Boston globe article….Dot girls will elect to bite your forkin toes off if you mess with them. So my advice is simple. If you know a woman from Dorchester and her hair isn’t looking good or maybe she put on a little weight, instead of doing the catty thing and saying something, you should probably keep your mouth shut.

Unless of course you enjoy walking like Fred Sanford…




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