John “Doomsday” Howard is a Dot Rat…

If you haven’t heard, UFC 168 is this Saturday and among the incredibly stacked fight card is one of our own…John Howard. John is an incredibly gifted fighter and along with Bill “Sugar” Traft holds the honor of giving the dead bomber a beating….

Check out this interview from over the summer before his fight at the TD Garden…

This kid is well rounded, as all MMA fighters need to be but you can’t help to notice his heavy hands which seem to be the trademark of any Boston bred fighter. His Muay Thai is strong and he works well in close quarters which makes him deadly coming off the clinch….he’s fun to watch!

John didn’t have it easy growing up but never let that become an excuse. He worked his ass off and carved out a spot for himself in the UFC…twice!

John fights like a Dot Rat and I want everyone to show him some support Saturday night!

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