A grateful Dot Rat…

For many of us Christmas is an amazing time of year. It’s a time to get together with family and friends, maybe smash a few drinks or regift that bread machine we will never use.

I tend to get stressed because of the financials of it all and I always feel like I’m not doing enough when it comes to gifts. The fact I get so wrapped (no pun) in all that ends up depressing me because it’s really not what the holiday is all about. Christmas also tends to invoke memories of all the people that were once part of my life and may have moved away or worse….passed away. For the last ten years it’s been especially tough because my late brother’s birthday is 3 days before Christmas….I miss him deeply, he would have been 40 this Sunday.

This has been my routine, the same depression that hits me hard during what should be the best time of year. I rarely talk of it but those close to me know the drill.

So this evening I’m standing in Saint Brendan’s church watching my god daughter rock some Christmas carols with the rest of the 5 year olds. I got a massive smile on my face and laugh along with the rest of my fellow Dot Rats as the kids do their thing. Then I start thinking of my brother again…and how he would have enjoyed the kids. I couldn’t help but feel his presence…this is the church where we said our goodbyes….


But, on this evening, as I stared up into the majestic arches of this amazing old Dorchester church, my mood started to turn positive.

I started reflecting about the past year. I took a second and said a prayer for the Richard family and I urge the rest of you to keep them in mind this Christmas. Then I started to think of our new mayor and said a prayer that Marty Walsh has a successful first term and guides Boston in a good direction. Now I have a second nephew heading into the Army this upcoming year…so in this case there was no asking, I was kind of telling JC to keep them out of harms way. Hey…I’m not perfect.

This was about as spiritual as it gets for me….I’m not typically the spiritual type. It made me realize I have so much to be grateful for….it has nothing to do with the material gifts. I had 28 amazing years with my brother and I have many more to go with the rest of my family. Since it’s no longer about the gifts….everyone is getting forked up sweaters indefinitely…I’m having some fun with this.

Also…Im grateful to my readers for another amazing year….check out these numbers.


142,000 views this year including 42000 in one day….pretty amazing stuff right there and I am humbled. I never imagined my little project would take off the way it did….thank you for the support!

Have a Merry Christmas Dot Rats!

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