Take care of your cah!

So my buddy Ben calls me up and is like “Dude…we gotta help Dot Rats take better care of their cahs.” and I’m like “your absolutely right…there’s some pretty busted looking cahs driving around the hood these days…..it’s embarrassing. But how do you suggest we solve this epidemic doobie?” and he’s like “WTF dude? Send em to my shop.”


Actually, Ben Cochran has been a close friend of mine for 20 years. One day while working for Blue Cross Blue Shield over in Quincy he decided he wanted to work for himself and build his own detailing business. A lot of people thought he was crazy to walk away from such a good job. It wasn’t always easy, but through his excellent work and loyal customers, Ben has built Cochran Auto Detailing into one of the best detailing shops around. It’s been a decade and he now owns 2 locations in Weymouth.

He’s even worked with the Red Sox a few occasions.


Ben understands the science behind keeping your automobile at showroom condition. He has literally immersed himself in his trade over the years and deals with latest technologies in car finishes, interiors and window tinting. This is not a car wash that sells detailing services as a secondary option….these are true professionals.

Go in and mention that you’re a Dot Rat and they will give you 25 bucks off any services over 150…..including gift cards. You can also purchase gift cards through the website. Enter coupon code : dotrat25 to receive your discount.


Now….get your @sses down to Ben and clean your cahs!


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