How to catch a beating…

I know Boston is packed with people from all over the world. It’s an attribute that makes the city as great as it is, and it’s largely due to our education institutions. But this doesn’t come without it’s drawbacks as well. You tend to find a percentage of a**holes that take up residence here. They like to flip cars after we win championships, smash windows and on any given weekend night you can spot them acting like complete slobs after a night of binge drinking. They wander the streets like 2 year old children in diapers. Everyone once and a while one of these amateurs gets knuckled pretty badly because they cross paths with someone who is not in the mood for their antics. Or they drank away their only smidge of street smarts and end up without an iPhone and a wallet. Sorry, but 90% of the time I can’t say that I feel bad….

“But why Dot Rat?”

Oh well let me give an example to you.  It’s simple actually….is this what you want on your Boston Common?


How this cop kept his cool is amazing….because I wouldn’t….which is exactly why I never wanted to be a cop.

Am I the poster child for all things good? Nope, but I’m not this guy either.



3 thoughts on “How to catch a beating…”

  • This pisses me off so much. The police officer did respond with a much cooler head than I ever would have. I love to see what this little dick head would do in a situation where a cop is absolutely needed,, I mean ASAP. My father was a Boston police officer for 27 years. I am so disgusted. I wish I saw this idiot. I would have slapped it right out of his hand. What would he do? I don’t a cop?

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