Why Marty won…

It’s pretty obvious he won because he’s a Dot Rat first and foremost. If it sounds like I’m gloating, it’s because I am. I’m extremely psyched for this guy and I think the example he’s put forth will inspire a whole new generation of Dorchester kids to look at public service as a career.

But let me give you the rest of the list…and maybe someone out there can learn a thing or two.

  • Marty never forgot where he came from.
  • I have never heard  of an instance where Martin Walsh slandered someone to advance his own cause. Integrity like that is rare these days….
  • He never shied away from his union background and refused to be ashamed of it even when people painted it as his Achilles heel. (See line 1) A solid and accountable union is never a bad thing for this country, regardless of the propaganda fat cats put out there.
  • While education is important, you cannot run your campaign on only one platform. You have to be dynamic, a political renaissance man of sorts to run a major US city. Martin’s years of service at the State House have exposed him to a variety of issues that made him stand out from the other candidates when fielding questions. Bostonians want solutions and ideas, not bullsh*t read from a cue card or repeated answers from other candidates.
  • Martin’s life experiences have served him well and is path to recovery has shaped him in ways few can truly grasp. He’s led a clean life and he’s always answered the call for those on their own path, without looking for anything in return. When you live your life in this manner things tend to come full circle. Helping people is never a bad thing…..
  • His hair was way better than Connolly’s and he held his head straight. I’m sorry, but that tilted head sh*t was just weird man.

If I think of anything else I will let you know…

You stay classy Dorchester!


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