Marty and Sugar open TMX…


That’s right! My good friend and professional ass kicker,  Billy “Sugar” Traft and his long time trainer Marty McDonough have opened a gym. The boys are having a Grand Opening on Friday and all are welcome.

Here is the official press release (Thanks Jen!)

TMX Boxing Academy located at 727 South Main Street, Randolph, MA. will be making its “Grand Opening Debut” this Friday, October 25th from 6-8pm.  Come join us for a little food and drink and find out about the best new boxing gym on the South Shore.  The mayor will be honoring Traft and McDonough on their new business.   Follow the Hollywood search lights in the sky, and see how TMX can change you!

-Marty McDonough – OWNER- was born and raised in Dorchester MA. He trained as a kid at the Municipal McDonough Gym in South Boston, and competed in the Golden Gloves. His passion for boxing continued as an adult and got certified as a USA Boxing Coach. He is a licensed Professional Boxing Trainer and recently became the 2013 National Master Boxing Champ.
 -Billy Traft – OWNER – also born and raised in Dorchester MA, is a Boston Police officer with the gang unit. Traft is the New England Golden Gloves 2004/2005 champion. He turned PRO in 2012 winning at the Dorchester Armory, Gillette Stadium and the Boston Garden. His Professional record is 3-0. Traft was trained by McDonough.
Traft has incorporated his boxing life with his professional career helping run a boxing program for kids out of the Murphy Community Center in Dorchester and is now excited to run his own boxing gym with the help of his co-partner McDonough.
TMX will offer boxing classes for men, women and children as well as Core Fitness Training. For more info contact Jen England, 781-789-8355 or email @

I couldn’t be more psyched for my fellow Dot Rats. If you want to get into shape fast and learn how to defend yourself in the process…these are the guys to speak with. Should be a fun time Friday…try and make it down!

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